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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blind to it!
Work is fine. Just prepping for the trip.
In other news -
After nearly hurting myself getting the box in from the hallway when I arrived home last night, I realized that it was my new BLINDS for my bedroom!! YIPPEE!!!

After work Dan came over, armed with drill ( mine died) and hung the blinds! What a difference!! Now we need to go get a towel bar to hang the tapestry and I have to sort through the crap that has accumulated in my BR. The apartment is starting to shape up (damn I have too much stuff!!!)

After the blinds were up I treated us to a yummy Thai take-out dinner from the Lime Leaf. We had the Chicken Curry Puffs, Spring Rolls (shown left), Shrimp Pad Thai along with a Thai Curry. They even included the shrimp chips and peanut dipping sauce that you'd enjoy while dining in. If you're in the neighborhood and decide to dine in, don't pass up their Thai coffee or tea. During warm weather they have outdoor cafe seating. Value for price is quite good!

Bed time! Tomorrow's the last office day before my trip!


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