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Monday, August 14, 2006

Final Countdown

We were up early, packed, breakfasted and off for a spin around the island. We rode out to the Dock Yard at the far end of the island and stopped on the way back for lunch and a dip in a small and quiet cove. It was perfect!!

Then, after a shower at the hotel (even though we'd checked out, they had a shower we could use just off the main office so we didn't have to fly home sandy! A great service from the hotel for sure!!)

The flight home was smooth sailing, although they did search every persons hand luggage for liquids etc. before letting us board. Not that I can blame them, but it was quite an accomplishment considering that we only left 30 minutes late!

Now... it's back to work tomorrow and off to China Sunday!
Yep - work travel is about to wind up again!! I've worked it out to have almost 5 months home with no major trips (a few quickies to CA & London.) That's the longest I've ever been home without a major trip to Asia in SEVEN YEARS! I can tell it's going to hard to start it up again!


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