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Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday - We're OFF

I joined Dan at his office this morning on our way to the airport for our trip. Firstly we both had some work to wrap up (and I was able to use a computer in his office) and secondly, we both wanted to get a good look at Baby... the Titan Arum (known as the corpse flower) that was blooming at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. In fact, it reached peek bloom earlier that morning. Seeing it bloom is somewhat of a rare site...the last one to bloom in NYC was in 1939!! Surprisingly the smell wasn't too bad (smelled to me like a cross between earth/soil and soap.)

There were two gals from BBG standing with scent-catching machines pointed down into the plant for hours.

Apparently a Japanese perfume company wanted a sample of this rare flowers scent!

For a time lapse video of it blooming click here.
A neat video indeed.

Interestingly enough, there is one set to bloom in NH in the next week or so! So keep your eyes peeled for info if you're in NH!(I'll try to keep you posted too!)

From there we dashed to the airport. After the new restrictions for not carrying liquids we had heard that the lines at check-in were lengthy so we allowed a little extra time. Upon arrival at the airport, we were checked in and through security in 15 minutes with plenty of time to have a leisurely lunch and a fiesty round of Rummy (which I won by a nose!!!)

Dashed over to our gate (located in a temporary building that we accessed via a shuttle bus.) Our flight ended up being delayed... 3 hours. Thankfully everyone on the flight seemed to take it in stride.

We arrived in one piece and were able to shower, change and still meet friends for a late dinner. It was SO GREAT to see my old friends, and we were so wrapped up in the conversation, that I forgot to take the camera out!!!

All-in-all it was a great day. Lots of laughs were had and I had the best company a girl could ask for!


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