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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day two: Weekend BDA

We have both been burning the candle so much that we really enjoyed sleeping in and leisurely waking up today! What a nice treat! No one expected us anywhere for anything at any time! Perfect!!!
We walked into Hamilton from our hotel (The Royal Palms) and did a bit of a walk about to find a spot for lunch. We decided upon a bit a of a dive on the second floor over a long row of stores. Yummy lamb!!! Next we swung by a shoe store so I could buy some close-toed shoes and from there we journeyed over to rent a moped. Weeeeeeee! There are no cars for rent on the island - so your transportation choices are local bus (slow), moped, ferry (limited) or taxi (very $$!)

After we visited my friends' store, Makin' Waves, (and getting in a wee spot of shpping) we had a quick cuppa and a snack while a heavy rain storm passed overhead.
Next we drove over and visited the Bermuda Botanic Garden. A lovely spot to walk around -- many folks apparently walk there dogs there. They had some wonderful trees! We searched high and low (with the help of their map) for the native plants garden but never did find it.

Upon hopping on the bike to return to hotel, the skys opened up and we got completely soaked!! You can't tell in this photo -- but we are drenched (and having a blast as you can see!!)

We took our time to change and walked across to have dinner at Ascots, the restaurant at our hotel (and one of the best on the island!) YUM!!! I'll pop back in here at a later time to add the wines we had -- Dan's getting me the names.
The food was very good, as was the staff who didn't rush us at all... in fact, we closed the place!
Do check it out if you are visiting Bermuda!

Tomorrow's another day!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!


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