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Monday, March 20, 2006

Hong Kong - Hip Hip Hoorah

After a swift journey back into Hong Kong we headed for the hotel to settle in. We're staying in Tsim Sha Tsui (Chim Sa Choy) along the “Golden Mile.” It's the same area I stay in for work... There's a great feeling that I get every time I enter Hong Kong after having been in China for a few days or more. Working and living in the sections of China that I travel in is very isolating. Living in NYC I come and go at my own pace on my own schedule. In China that's fairly an impossible task. I'm told not to leave my hotel alone at night for safety sake and I cannot (WOULD NOT EVEN DARE) drive in China -- so I'm always in need of arranging the factory driver for whatever is needed. Anyone that I know that lives and/or works in China agrees and breaths a sigh of freedom and relief when getting to Hong Kong. Shown above is they scaffolding that is used in Hong Kong and China. Simply put, it's long (20ft?) poles of bamboo that are lashed together. The other photo shows you men putting up this scaffolding -- all the way up! Yeow-za!

After fighting with my usual hotel, who tried to charge me extra (did they THINK I wouldn't HAVE the contract on me???) We walked to my usual eyeglass shop for some new sunglasses for Mom & Dad and to update lenses in the glasses I'd brought along. The glasses will all be ready and available for pick-up the next day. After a brief coffee, we headed back to the hotel to meet Mag...and I got sidetracked by sunglasses... A guilty pleasure! These yummy new Michael Kors sunglasses with leather covered arms - all mine! Did I say Yummy? Yummy! I put in my order for them and we were off for a lovely lunch at the Lucky Star restaurant - specializing in crab, stone fish soup and dumplings.

Afternoon brought a visit to see my friend Gary and his wife Remy the owners over at Remy Fashions tailoring. They've been making things for me for years and I remembered Mom saying once long ago that she'd always wanted a custom made suit from Hong Kong! Now's the time!! We walked out having left orders for suits and shirts for both Mom & Dad, as well as some shirts for Dan & I. Tuesday evening we'll go back for fittings for Mom & Dad's suits. Mom's giddy about hers and Dad hasn't had a custom made suit in 20 years!

We hopped the MTR (subway) over to Hong Kong Island next and were on our way to see the Hong Kong Knitteratti!! Eva, Marjorie and Siow Chin met us at Cheer Wool and we all had a good browse. You'll be proud of me...I maintained my yarn diet! Once we'd made the necessary purchases we strolled over to Pacific Coffee for a little sit down and chat. It was so nice to see everyone after having missed them all twice in a row since January, but sadly, Siow Chin did NOT bring Jenny!!! Both Marjorie and I were hoping to meet her! I told her if Meg brings VV (Violet Velvet) to Disney in LA in a few weeks, I'll take a photo for Jenny!

Eva had been to Japan a few weeks ago and brought back some great sewing books for Siow Chin! Toys, bags skirts - fun! My Dad found it so nice that we were sitting on the other side of the world having crafty talk in two languages while looking through books in a third language! Crafty people are everywhere (thank goodness!!)

We ended the day with a dash and change at the hotel for drinks and dinner at Felix. A-Sau, head of product development at one of my factories, was in Hong Kong from China, and was able to join us for dinner. I always enjoy her company and we have a great time, even though we speak different languages. (I must learn more Mandarin!) She's got the BEST SMILE! Her face just lights up!
Back to Felix... The view, always impressive and the food was tasty. Please note that this photo of the skyline was taken from the ladies restroom in Felix. It's the view that you get when using the makeup mirrors. Not to shabby eh?
It's been great to see Mom, Dad, Tony & Mag all getting along so well! They were all instant friends, having heard me talk about each other for years!! Just good people, all of 'em! Laughs round the table all night! Tomorrow we're off to Lantau Island to see the Great Buddha.
A-Sau will join us all for that too!


Blogger Stacie said...

Those are some brave men on them bamboo scaffolds! WOW! I love your stories of far off places! And knitters from around the globe, cool!

7:00 PM

Anonymous Isela said...

Ok, those men are either
1. Crazy
2. Need the money really badly
3. Love heights
4. Very, very brave

I am loving the pictures of your travels :)

11:12 PM

Blogger mf said...

Those bamboo poles look very scary for sure! Looks like you enjoyed all your travels aren't you the lucky one! ;o))))

7:51 AM


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