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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Play's the Thing

What a busy week -- fun busy -- not, I can't believe I have to have a second root canal busy.

Entertaining Mr. Sloane was just that -- Entertaining! Alec Baldwin was great!! Of course - he had a funny script to work with -- being a 1964 British Sex Farce and all.

Thursday brought us to see Sweeney Todd with Michael Cerveris and Patti LuPone. The Demon Barber of Fleet Street certainly didn't disappoint!
The music will be in my head for a long time to come!

Tomorrow night we'll round out the week with a trim to the NYC Opera.
The Most Happy Fella opens tomorrow night. I'll keep you posted!

Back to work...I fly back to Asia on Monday! OY! A month-long trip this time...but don't feel too bad. The last two weeks my parents will join me and I'll not only FINALLY get to see a few things besides the inside of factories, but I'll get to share it all with the two people who have stuck by me thru all of my ideas, wishes and dreams...and told me I could do it every time! Weeeeeeeee!


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