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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Firstly I'd like to say a warm Hello to a new reader out in Seattle -- Hello Simon!

As to your question...what kind of Hat am I making Dan?
This kind... a twisted rib knit Watchmans Cap. Progress thus far (photo taken on the flight from Beijing to Shanghai...)
The ball in my hand is the first ball Dan's wound from the inside out (he wound the yarn back into balls as the kittens has previously stollen them this summer and run them all over the house.) Nothing like making him put in a little sweat equity, right?

Knit on: Clover 5 (3.75mm) circulars
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa 501
Color: 702, Dye lot: 2640
Content: 100% Pure Virgin Wool
Shop: I bought it from my favorite Italian Yarness in Florence, Italy. It's been waiting in the stash for the right project.
Yes, of course I have a hotel in Florence that is located directly across from a fantastic yarn shop. (Duh.)

I've still got a little ways to's not a Skull cap, it's a Watchman's Cap... so I need to make enough for a cuff!

Hmmm...Did I miss anything?

Oh -- that's the 1957 Cardi that I'm wearing!
I promise to get a good photo of it on this trip to post!

I've landed in Shanghai. A long day...
Dan escorted me to Newark and the journey began!
This trip I flew New York -- Beijing direct... first time taking this route.
For me it went like this...

[start timer - 2 hours - GO!]

Upon landing in Beijing, you have customs & immigration, collect your luggage and journey to the transfer desk... or rather the second floor to get your next ticket issued.
Find your way to the second floor to row “H” for Hainan Airlines (a domestic airline) only to find out the ticket paper ticket you are holding “Does not exist”...
Get sent back to 2nd floor entrance...
Window 16...
Window gals all on phones laughing and giggling in conversations that look like a coffee clutch.
Oooh -- she sees the pained look on my face... nope - she doesn't... ooh -- finally she does.
I utter "help."
Lots of computer typing, scrunched up faces...
25 more minutes wait (without her even looking up at me to acknowledge that I'm standing there for a reason)...
Smile, ticket handed back...all OK.
Back to “H”... All OK...check in and now into the long line to get through security and into the domestic terminal...

Did I mention that this airport is about 90F and stuffy...and everyone is dressed in their winter coats (because it's COLD outside!) Thus everyone is sweatting and the smell is... not good.
All I can think of is -- WATER! I NEEEEED WATER!
Through security...voila water, fruit and food stand is right there.
I am greeted by posters and signs everywhere letting you know that this city, Beijing, will be host to the 2008 Summer Olympics.
Find water, stand in line to pay...
They take no HK$ or US $... And, no Mastercard or Amex is accepted.
I'll find an ATM machine... Oh, I'm SORRY...the only ATM machines are OUTSIDE, BEFORE you go through security...

Hmmm... I want to spend money. I can't get money in an acceptable form to spend...thus I assume you don't want my money...
Nope - I'm not in the West anymore.

Do they not think when people come to the Olympics from all over the world that they will all know to hit the ATM BEFORE entering the terminal? Do they not expect people to want to explore China since they came all this way for the Olympics? Is it only this way in the domestic terminal? What about in the International terminal...I guess I'll find out when I leave on April 1st with my parents from the International terminal!

OK -- still thirsty... so I go from store to store asking if anyone will change the HK$ or USD$ for local Yuan... no no no no no no no (that's seven no's...from seven stores.)

My gate is in front of me...I've 45 minutes left (amazing but true) to sweat myself silly... and I see a kiosk with a young lady selling phone cards.
I walk up and quietly lay out my HK$, UDS$ and Taiwanese$ in front of her and must have given some kind of pathetic look...
...through pantamime she agreed to change a US$20 (for 158 Yuan) and I was finally able to sit and have some soup and 2 bottles of water. Bless you Phone card lady!!! Bless you! (She did seem rather eager to get her hands on the US$20...)

Continental has a New York --Shanghai direct slated for 2007...not fast enough!


Anonymous marjorie said...

Hi Kimberli,
Our coming meetup would be on March 11. Are you planning to join us? Please let me know if you are coming cos we are not meeting in the Admiralty/Central area this time.

2:35 AM

Anonymous ck said...

Wow...what a harrowing day!

On a totally different note, is the Florence yarn store you like called Filati Campolmi at Via Portinari Folco? Right around the duomo but kind of hidden in an alley? It is the BEST yarn store I have ever seen. I would love to go back there some day just for that! :) I'll have to get the name of your hotel if I ever go again.

8:22 AM

Blogger Celia said...

AACK! I've been in that domestic terminal. The terminal terminal. And I agree, it was much too hot in there. I hope the rest of the trip goes much more smoothly and you have plenty of yuan to do what you need to do.

11:51 AM

Blogger Nessie Noodle said...

Wow, what a crazy journey you have had so far.. you are cracking me up.

I LOVE that hat, did you mention which pattern, hmmm have to look again, nope... can you shre with us?
Safe travles my dear~

5:27 PM


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