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Friday, March 17, 2006

Yep - been that busy!!
I haven't had a moment to write in since last Saturday...
My days have been 9am to 1 or 2am all week - topping out at 3am this morning and returning to the office for 11am to continue the job. Logged in 93 hours in 7 far! Mostly spent in this chair, at this table watching the sun fade from the wondow that I face.
Mom and Dad arrive tomorrow night (Saturday night here -- Saturday morning in the US.) They should be about to land in NY and transfer to the long flight to Hong Kong. Obviously I want to have as little work on my plate as I can while they are here. I've been able to work on Dan's hat for about 20 minutes each morning...I'm on the decrease! Yeah! Perhaps I'll mail it home from Hong Kong!

At this stop I design all of my dressy hats as well as some fun straw hats, like this on to the right! This is one of my faves from this current season. I wore it last fall and was stopped daily asking where it could be found! A fun hat to be sure!

It's been a week of happenings - both good and bad...

Bad news first. My first director in college, Carmine Porcelli, the man who kicked our butts into shape and taught us how to hit a deadline come what may -- died suddenly of a heart attack last week. I'd been thinking lately of writing him a letter thanking him for giving me such a solid foundation to have built my career on... sadly I'm just too late. My school mates will be holding a Memorial of their own... I'll still be here in China and sadly will miss it.

Good news on the home front -- Plans are now set for me to meet Dan's daughter in a few weeks. Yeah! We're all going to Disney in CA! (A perfect place to get to know a 7 year old I think!) Meanwhile I'm missing her visit to NYC this weekend. Bummer... but in lue of me being there I was able to help out, unexpectedly, with the festivities. They are going to walk the St. Patty's Day Parade today, and she decided last week that she wanted to make a hat. (Having no idea that's what I do... mind you...) so what can I do but put together a FAB HAT KIT and rush ship it to NYC so they can make hats! Photo left is some of the contents (although I decided against the yard of fabric - was going to be to difficult to work with.) I stuck to ribbons, beads, feathers, sequins etc. and stuck in two hand beaded shamrocks! They worked on making them last night and are working on them now until they dash to the parade. I can't WAIT to see photos!

In a moment of mindnumbing email reading - I clicked on Bluefly and found THIS:

Yep - I want it. Mmmm... intarsia sweater by Petro Zilla... mmmm...cotton... mmm. I'll have to see how much is spent on the whirlwind tour these next two weeks...

What do I miss MOST these days? Easy...

two weeks left before I return home!


Blogger Nessie Noodle said...

that hat is freeegin' adorable! I LOVE hats! especially funky fun sassys I have attitude and don't really care what you think about it kinda hats.
I wore a vintage style hat on my wedding day...

and how cool is it that you sent a 'kit' for a St. Patty's parade hat? very sweet.
Don't work too hard... enjoy having your parents with you!

1:13 PM

Anonymous isela said...

93! You are definitely a working woman!

The hat kit is a great idea, you can be there with them! Have fun with your parents :).

1:57 PM

Anonymous Jen said...

Have fun with the 'rents! Show 'em a good time, and you, too!

3:34 PM

Blogger Nik said...

that hat is waaaay cute. i wish i had one.

8:32 PM

Blogger Bryony said...

1) The hat is yummy. You look yummy in it. That is one way of knowing that it will sell by the bucket load.

2) The sweater is yummy. You would look yummy in it. BUT you could knit that thing with very little brain effort (if you had the time, bless you, and a little bit of charting for the tree branches). I say take a week off and make a chart and knit lots on planes :D

5:17 PM


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