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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hong Kong to China...Zoom
I had two nights in Hong was land and sleep, while the other I was able to join Mag and Tony for dinner at Felix. Felix is located in the Penninsula Hotel on the 28th floor, overlooking Hong Kong Island. The restuarant was designed by Philip Starck. Tasty food, great company and a fantastic view!

The next morning Mag and I hopped into a van and zoomed to my usual China factory in Dongguan. Did not hit the hotel, did not pass go -- went right to work. This was a difficult thing for me...because I had to pass up a Knit-in with the HK gals... With my folks coming this trip (6 days!) my work portion of this trip is 8 days shorter than accomidate 2 weeks of fun touring. (Do not take this as a complaint!) I'm looking so forward to being able to share this all with my parents!
Around midnight I packed it in and we went
for dinner at one of the two usual locals.

The photos to the left are the Oolong tea that we had -- YUM.

They show from pre-steep to fully opened leaves. I think I've gotten the hang of the tea prep cup-by-cup...
Perhaps I'll take the chance to practice tonight.

Back to work I go!
I've an important package to finish and ship off to NYC...
...and then there's all of that work stuff!


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