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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Ten Cent Tour
This is the bridge on my way to meet my folks at the Hong Kong airport!
Mom & Dad arrived well.
Flight was FULL...Mom was all teary.

Our special (my usual) Car-hire sent a new man to collect us at the airport... who mistakenly went to my hotel to get CHINA! Of course, we were in Hong Kong, not China!!

So we called the car-hire boss (who usually comes for me) and he sent another car. We had some tea in the hotel at the airport while we waited.

2nd car arrived... This driver had picked me up at my Hong Kong hotel with Mag last Saturday. Car loaded and we all closed our eyes and suddenly I see BRIGHT LIGHTS... Tsim Sha Tsoi??? We realize he was taking us to my Hong Kong hotel - not China??
Our poor hosts are embarrased -- we assure them it's really no big deal! Mom and Dad got a quickie advanced tour of Hong Kong!
Mom hasn't really slept from excitement -- she doesn't want to miss a thing!! :-)

Four hours it took to get to China from HK, usually 1.5-2hrs... Too funny!
We've reached China, are thru the border checked in to the hotel and we are off to dinner.
Noodle time!


Blogger Stacie said...

wow, who are you? your blog is amazing, and I am entrigued beyond belief! beautiful pictures too!

11:31 PM

Blogger J. said...

sounds like all is well even it it did take awhile to make it there! Enjoy your vacation time and have fun! I hope your parents love Asia as much as we do!

10:20 AM


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