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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Most Happy Feller...

Look at that smile -- all those teeth -- yes, I'm that happy! Last night we went to the NYC Opera and saw the season's opening production, The Most Happy Fella by Fank Loesser. I have to say that I was taken a little aback by the number of people in the Orchestra in JEANS...but perhaps it was because this wasn't really an opera...but more of a Broadway ditty with moments of operatic entertainment. The hoofing number "Big D" (as in Big D - little A - double L - A -S) certainly wasn't going to be confused as opera... but rather an entertaining number that got the crowd humming along in their seats.
The revival of this Loesser's play on Broadway in 1992 was reportedly accompanied practically by duel we were treated to a full live orchestra and a cast of near 40 in full NYC Opera splendor. Two of the previously pulled arias were put backin for this production too, just as Mr. Loesser had intended it to be.
Sir Paul Sorvino (dubbed Sir in Italy), played the lead role of Tony and was entertaining. We enjoyed it... not as much as the woman next to me who was completely offended that she had been the only one near to her who had giving a standing ovation...but we enjoyed it.

I'm off to Asia tomorrow -- FOR A MONTH! OY!


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