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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sew Fast/Sew Nasty

"Can't we all just get along???

The buzz from back home: Posted on the now titled SnB-NYC [formerly Stitch'n'Bitch-NYC] chat group by Deb Stoller of Stitch'n'Bitchfame...

"I received a notice from Yahoo tonight advising me that I must delete the wording STITCH N BITCH from our Yahoo!Group URL and any references to STITCH N BITCH in the group itself or they will disable our group within 48 hours.
This notice is a result of an objection filed by Sew Fast Sew Easy Inc., a
New York company, who is claiming rights to this wording.

I have spoken to my attorneys about this. Unfortunately, there is no
immediate recourse with Yahoo other than to make the change at this time.
They require this as soon as anybody makes any kind of claim--they don't
evaluate the merits of the claim. So to keep the group list alive, I've just
changed the name to snb-nyc. When you want to send an email to the group,
just send it to Everything else stays the same, and
hell, it's easier to type, too!

Knit on!

Xxxooo deb"

In a follow up email posted today...

Subject: A concerned Stitch-n-bitch'er

Hello Sew Fast, Sew Easy,

I'm a proud member of Stitch-n-bitch DC which was recently contacted
by Yahoo! regarding a complaint lodged by your company for trademark
infringement. I have read extensive online discussions and
conversations within our own yahoo! group about this issue.

My understanding is that your company ONLY has rights over names with
either 'and' or '&' in the middle. According to the US Patent and
Trademark Office website, Debbie Stoller owns the Stitch 'n Bitch
name. I've attached a picture of the most current available
information on that website which shows several trademarks for
variations of the "stitch" and "bitch" phrase. The only trademarks
that Sew Fast, Sew Easy owns are record numbers 78641350 ("Stitch and
Bitch"), and 76026522 ("STITCH & BITCH CAFE").

Therefore, I cannot understand why any yahoo! groups that use the
letter 'N' instead of the word "and" or the symbol '&' could possibly
violate your company's trademark. Our yahoo! group has now had to
change its name to "SnB DC" to comply with Yahoo!'s policy. I
personally only know of 5 other groups that had to change their
names, but I've heard there are dozens more.

I'm sure you are aware that many stitch-n-bitchers across the country
are furious about this development and are blacklisting your company.
I don't support reactionary, uninformed decisions and I recognize
your company's need to protect it's intellectual property. However,
this particular situation seems to be an obvious error as your
company does not have a trademark on the phrases that use the
letter 'n'. I should also add that the popular way to refer to your
company by stitch-n-bitchers (I can't speak for stitch-and-bitchers
because their name DOES seem to be a trademark violation) is "Sew
Fast, Sew Evil."

I would very much appreciate your response to this issue.

Thanks very much,


"Say no to SFSE"

This has even spawned a Say No to SFSE Cafe Press store (click above) with Tshirts, buttons, bumper stickers and home goods...
...the proceeds were originally to go for a lawyer - but since Deb Stoller is on it - they money will be offered to her for lawyer fees. If she refuses the money, the proceeds will be sent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc.

I just don't understand...are the gaggles of S'n'Bers around the world so bad that they wouldn't want to be associated with them? It just seems -- stupid - and mean. Now Deb Stoller has to spend money on lawyers to show she's in the right.
Who ever was the moderator of the 'StitchnBitch-Harlem' group -- well they didn't get the message about needing to change the group name in time and it was wiped out by Yahoo!'s no longer in my list of "Yahoo! Groups"... I know some of the members were only signed on to that one... Such a shame to loose the entire list!
Time will tell how it all turns out...


Blogger Lolly said...

Thank you for posting this, Kimberli - I had no idea about all of this. That is absolutely crazy...

7:45 AM

Blogger sarah b. said...

That's crazy! I need to check on my Snb group to see if they have changed or what might have happened to them!

10:33 AM

Anonymous colleen said...

That is so weird. I just checked my SNB-Boston group--same thing!

10:45 AM

Blogger Celia said...

I think SFSE is going to regret this action.

11:44 AM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

yep i heard about this... our yahoo group is called by the "katyknitters" so we were not notified to change out name..... gees I hope we can still call ourself knitters!

3:01 PM

Anonymous Dani said...

You're not the only one - out LIStichNBitch is now Bitch N Stitch which MAY need to change to LISnB

This is just beyond stupid
they arent doing anything more than angering people who coudl POTENTIALLY be their customers -not happening now! And yes, I have made a FTS FTB purchase!!

3:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So annoying!
I was trying to find out if SnB (Long Island group) was ok to use, and the account was wiped out in the meantime. I called SFSE (becuase that is what Yahoo directed me to do), and they couldn't help me on the phone, I had to email.

3:45 PM

Anonymous nicole said...

Un-snbeliveable. People who go around chasing copyright/trademark infringement always come off seeming like jerks. What's the point? How are local s-n-b's soiling their reputation? Don't they have to prove that? It's absurd.

6:54 PM

Blogger LaURi* said...

Everybody LOVES to sue! It's not like they even were sellign a product or service with stitch n bitch in the name. It's freakin forum for petes sake.
My Bitching is done!

10:56 PM

Blogger Marcheline said...

Okay, these SFSE biotches need to seriously get a LIFE. It's all supposed to be about FUN and MAKING STUFF. If we got together and made millions of dollars using their stupid phrase, then maybe they could cause a ruckus to get a piece of the action.

But we're just getting together to KNIT and CROCHET, people!!! For Pete's sake, it's a freakin' YAHOO GROUP SITE - we don't even PAY for it.

Jeez. Morons.

10:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you own a trademark you have to protect it. In doing some research through the website, Debbie filed for ownership rights after SFSE. Was she trying to take ownership? I think it is widely believed yes. However, she was issued a refusal on grounds of being similar to SFSE. You can read about it on girl from auntie.

What I am curious about most is why Debbie used it and why she is fighting so hard for ownership of it. Would she do the same?

10:59 AM


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