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Saturday, August 20, 2005

What a week!

I've been doing double duty without an assistant (still on the search.)
A slight rant if you please...
How am I supposed to take peoples resumes seriously when they:

A: Write in their subject: My goal is to build my experience as an illustrator and work for a large publisher <-- um, no where in the job description does it say illustrator, so that reads to me, “I'll take this job because I'm broke, but the moment my nights filled with freelance illustrating work leads to a fulltime gig I'm gone!” Which I can understand...but I can't spend my time training someone who is already looking to leave.
B. Sends a cover letter & resume with more wrongly spelled words than right.
The first line in the job description is “Must be detail oriented.” Sending my a cover letter saying, “I'm vary detale oreentid...” HELP!
C. What kind of education are we giving if folks can graduate from college if not being able to spell...atleast learning about the spell checker!
Rant Over.

rosesroses Monday was full of meetings (you know - the kind of day where you wonder why your stomach is so growly and then you realize it's 4pm and you haven't had lunch yet!) I Dashed down to The Knitting Factory (and yes, OF COURSE I brought my knitting!!) to hear my friend Hank Kim play a gig. It was a great gig -- he had a wonderful violinist who joined in this time -- such a great addition!

Tuesday was a day of shopping the market... now before you atart thinking "awe, poor thing...she had to go shopping for her job." A view into what it really is... you start as soon as the stores open and aim to hit 5 stores per hour. You dash in, concentrate on all of the trims and accessories that are in the stores, make mental notes and dash to the next store...taking occasional notes while walking from store to store. I hit 32 small stores plus Bloomingdales -- ALL of it. It's very exhausting (both physically and mentally.) But it's also very inspiring and enjoyable. I got home and made dinner -- yummy Orzo with sauted veggies, spicey turket sausage and feta -- oh and toasted pine nuts (they make ALL the difference!!)

I took Wednesday off to have a planned hookie day with Kerry before she begins her new job and starts her new degree (Yeah Kerry!!) We planned out the measurements and methods she wanted to use to hang said curtains as well as getting the fabric.

rosesThursday was back to work to write up the notes and send fabrics to my factories far and wide so they can begin to prepare for my upcoming trip back to Asia. (I'm working on Autumn/Winter 2006 - yep a full year ahead.) Tonight was the long awaited girls dinner with Sandi & Michelle! We've scheduled and rescheduled it a zillion times...well... 3 times. I hadn't seen the gals to give them their birthday gifts and to catch up on all of the latest. Michelle picked the spot -- 5 Ninth - in the Meatpacking District and they treated me for my birthday. Sandi finally had a moment to properly tell about her future husband (they will marry on Oct 15th!) She met him in July and just new immediately that he was the one! Congrats my friend!!!
Dinner was YUMMY! Good pickin' Michelle!!!

rosesFriday after work Kerry met me at my house where we cut her 4 sets of curtains out and I sewed them up on my machine. Morgan also joined us and assisted in the prep work while introducing us to a nice bottle of port (Ficklin Vineyards Old Vine Tinta Port) that her father had introduced to her. Deciding we needed a break from the cutting, we popped into the garden to relax, chat and sip some port. Morgan hopped inside for a minute and came running to the door laughing with Coco in her arms. Apparently he'd enjoyed most of the container of the Low-fat cheese spread that we'd mistakenly left on the table. That's cheese on his forehead and whiskers! :-) Kerry left at 1am with the project just finished.
I need to make time to make up my new bedroom set with the fabrics I bought for the bedspread and pillows. TIME!


Anonymous Wanett said...

Would it be totally unprofessional of me to ask what the details of the job are?

8:08 PM

Blogger Kimberli said...

It's a full time associate design position in NYC. Feel free to email me your resume for further info. Cheers!

9:44 PM


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