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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Yarn Runneth Over

After dinner tonight when I arrived at my house I was greeted by this...
yarn runneth overyarn runneth down stairs
Count them... 6...6 balls of the finest Italian Wool that were dug out of a box as I worked. They were wrapped around the chair rungs, around the table, up the stairs...and I think I interrupted them as they dropped the last ball in a hat (at the bottom of the stairs)that they'd also dug out. What a mess... it'll take HOURS to unwind what I'm sure took them both mere moments to create. Ahhhhhhhhh...they DO love to play and explore! :-) My vet wasn't kidding when he advised that I get some child safety locks on my cabinets as Burmese are apparently smart AND investigative. I finally found where they'd pulled the yarn from and have now properly hidden it away in a drawer. They won't be drawer opening for atleast a month I hope! :-) I had to wonder if the big boy took part in the fun or just sat back for the entertainment.

I should finish the Backgammon Board tomorrow night - then I'll have to sewn in all of the ends and block's coming along nicely I think. Instead of making that big bag I plan to make a smaller bag that I can roll the board and slide into. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect buttons to use as pieces! I'll post a photo as soon as it's blocked!


Blogger Delia said...

Congrats on your launch - nothing like celebrating with a shot of tequila straight to your head ;).

BTW, I've never played this game before so Interview Me!

11:35 PM


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