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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bum Pinchers and Monks-a-plenty
Gammon & PeasThe trip abroad was filled with accomplishment and fun. It it always nice to see everyone there and to be able to relax in the evenings and find out what's the crack (ehem - - crack is a colloquialism for news/gossip/chat.)

There was a bit of time on Friday to check out the local shops (and get a few pairs of darn affordable shoes for my wee feet.) Followed by a typical pub dinner! Chips (french fries), peas and a nice gammon steak smothered in some sort of mushroom gravy (even though the gravy part wasn't listed...only the mushroom part) and some wine (followed by some cider.)

bullringbullringbullringSaturday we set up the show -- the booth looked good...and since we're old pro's at it by now, there was time to scoot in to Birmingham Center to poke around. This was my first trim into Birmingham and into the Bullring. The architecture was interesting at the Bullring. bullringI introduced the gals, Lynne and Joanne, to Wagamama...which is odd since it's a noodle shop chain in THEIR COUNTRY! Hee hee! We filled ourselves to the absolute BRIM!
I made mental note of Joanne's pleas of “I wish I could use chopsticks better.” Later that afternoon while shopping, I found a package of learners chopsticks... Plastic chopsticks that are connected with a loopy bit at the end...ergonomically set up to be held comfortably in the hand.
I gave them to Joanne later who passed on reading the case and simply dove in exclaiming “why have you given me bum pinchers?”
Apparently there are two uses for them!!
bullringbullring After a lovely afternon out and about in Birmingham, we took the train back. Here I am, knitting while waiting for the train. This is photo #1... Suddenly, accross the platform we see a pack of men dressed as monks (there were other packs of men in costume including sailors, pirates and indians.) Apparently it's some sort of bachelor party thing??? Just after I took this photo two things happened... I was yelled at that photos weren't allowed for security reasons... and the group of monks began to sing walking in a winter wonderland.

bullringAfter 2 days at the show, Mike & Shirley kindly invited us all over for cocktails and nibbles before we were to head to dinner at The Orange Tree. bullringThis will be our last gathering at this house as they've sold it and will have moved into Solihul before we return next spring. To the left are the boys,of course having a great time! To the right is a photo of Robin and myself at dinner!

Looking forward to going back in February!


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