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Friday, July 29, 2005

Finally Friday

Mama MexicoToday marks the launch of my new line -- Spring/Summer 2006! It's the culmination of months of hard work (I began designing it back in December of 2004!!) All of my domestic sales agents plus Canada will come to our showrooms and I'll present it from tip to toe. Then we'll head out to Mama Mexico's (yep second time this week by chance) for food and margaritas a plenty! The Fall/Winter 2005 line is shipping and will hit stores soon!

I forgot my camera at home today - Grrrrr!

The good news --- my Asia trip that has always taken place in August (for the last 3 weeks) has been moved to September! This is good news as it's ROASTING HOT in Southern Asia in August! We think we've had a run of hot weather lately -- Nahhh - it's NOTHING compared to Dongguan and Hong Kong!

I've begun to knit a One Skein Wonder (needed a small project for the subway)...I've been dying to start the OSW as the pattern's been just SITTING there waiting for me! I'm using some of the dip-dyed Japanese wool that I bought in Singapore!!

Most all of the ends of my backgammon board are sewn in and I hope to finish it Secret Pal 5tonight (late) and bring it to the beach tomorrow for a test run! :-) I sent my Secret Pal a little something and I've been skulking her blog...I she hasn't posted anything in ages...I DO hope she got it!!

Tomorrow will be a whirlwind...or not. Hopefully I'll be able to move my brunch back to 10am...then all will run smoothly. From there it's the beach -- my first beach day in...YEARS! (which means lots of sunscreen and a BIG ole hat!) And the day will end at Fabulous Female Friends party being thrown by my friend Jo, Stylist to the Stars. Should be a FUN FUN day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you do this? You're not a crazy cat lady (though you could be). You're a crazy hat lady.


p.s. try googling dmitheon...he has interesting hobbies besides knitting

3:42 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

I hope it is a wonderful day for you~ the plans sound like lots of fun! Anything beats me "sitting in class all day" scenario! :)

Can't wait to see OSW and hear more about how things are going for you! I have missed your posts greatly, but I sure know how busy you are!

Take care~

7:27 AM

Blogger Peggy said...

You must be really excited with the launch of the new collection! Congrats! I especially like the ribbon one.

11:50 AM

Anonymous marjorie said...

I thought you're coming to HK in August. We are having a meetup on Aug 13. Oh well, call me when you come here in Sept.

1:43 AM

Blogger Delia said...

For some reason your site isn't letting me comment, but I'll try one last time:

Nothing says celebrate like tequila!

As for Hot Lava, the pattern is here:

I haven't gotten around to blocking yet, but I'll let you know how that turns out.

12:20 PM


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