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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weekend Round-up

WOW what an action-packed weekend -- I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend! :-)
The line launch went well -- as did our after celebratory dinner at Mamma Mexico's!

Things heat up as soon as we begin to sing Happy Birthday with the Mariachi Band for one of my sales people... this signals the manager to bring around the house special...pinapple infused tequilla that is presented to the party directly from the spout (see photo lower right)! Yum!

Mama Mexico - work beforeSaturday I was up early to make cookie dough and dash to brunch and food shopping. Then off to the beach (30SPF & large brimmed hat of course!)with friends. Home again - bake the cookies and dash to Jo's FABULOUS FEMALE FRIENDS party.
What's a FABULOUS FEMALE FRIENDS party you ask? It's a WONDERFUL IDEA!! Jo and her friend Nadette invited their network of female friends to come to a party to meet and network with other fabulous women --- we (the friends) were strongly encouraged to each bring friends along as well. I'd say there were well over 100 ladies there. We interrupted the chatting at two points to introduce ourselves to the room. The cross section of women was amazing! From artists, lawyers, yoga enthusiasts, knitters, women from the UN, casting agents, actresses, film and TV folk, writers, cooks -- you name it! Wow! How FUN to meet such a wonderful and tallented group of women! I can't wait for the next one!! I strongly reccomend this type of party ladies --- we should be having them all over the world! What a fun and wonderful networking and chatting night!

cheryl's giftSunday I got to the mailbox to find a lovely surprise! A cute card and 2 large markers from Cheryl in my FiberRAOK group! A wonderful early birthday gift that will come in handy with some of my chunky knitting ahead! Thanks again Cheryl!
This week I'll be sending out a number of FiberRAOKs. Just packaging them all up! Also packing up my next Secret Pal 5 package!

I've also signed up for Book Crossers Button You can register books here and pass them along for others to read. Go on - sign up! Tell 'em I sent you (kimberlinewyork)! :-)

I found out about it through RAOKBook Crossers which I also signed up for. This forum is for us to use to share books either by giving them away in an RAOK package or in a "ring" when multiple people want to share a book but the original owner would like it back. It'll be a great way to pass along a number of my books!!

I finished and blocked the Backgammon board last night -- but the kittens pulled half the pins out and batted it about a bit in my sleep -- so it's needs one more (supervised) blocking. Also - the OSW is nearly done. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

My Interview from Cheryl
(same Cheryl that sent me the lovely early birthday gift above!)

Question from Cheryl: 1. How did you get into designing hats?
My Answer: I made my first hat around age 4 -- I crochet it from my teddy bear. I always had a hat with me as a child - just loved them. When I realized, while in college getting my Fashion Design degree, that with work I could make a living at it... I gave it a go...

I like the way people look in hats. Women exude more confidence when they wear hats...and men respond to that! Ladies - TAKE HEED - Every time I wear a hat I get compliments from men --- and their wives/girlfriends/whoever is on their arm always gives a snarl...and the man almost always says to her, "Honey, you should wear more hats."

I LOVE watching people try on the hat hits their head they seem to totally shift - they get this new look on their faces as they imagine themselves perhaps on a beach or at a fancy garden party. It's great!

Question from Cheryl: 2. Where did you go on your most interesting trip out of the country?
My Answer: It's a toss up between the USSR when I was in High School or China (2000 to present). The USSR was my first view outside the US and was an amazing eye opener. It made my realize just how lucky I am to have been born ad raised in the manor I was. The trips to China continue to remind me of this all while I get to dive head first into an amazingly rich culture...
Hmmm...then there was Mexico for the Day of the Dead Festival...nothing like eatting silver dollar pancakes in a cemetary.

Question from Cheryl: 3. If you had to give up either chocolate or cheese for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
My Answer: Although difficult to give up either - I think I'd choose to give up Chocolate. There are too many dishes world wide that use cheese. Yummmmy yum yum!

Question from Cheryl: 4. And, because I think this should always be the last question (in honor of the undercover celebrity) Shag, marry, push off a cliff. Please put each
of the following men into one of these three categories. Orlando Bloom, Vin
Diesel, Justin Timberlake.
My Answer: Shag = Orlando Bloom, marry = Vin Diesel (he's hot and smart!), push off a cliff = Justin Timberlake - I've no use for him.

Want to play?
The Official Interview Game Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you four-five questions - each person's will be
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the
same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them four-five


Anonymous ck said...

Kimberli...I loved reading the interview and totaly agree about cheese and Justin! You are so sweet to post about my silly RAOK :) Glad to hear the launch went well too. Looks like you guys had a great time at mamma mexico's!

5:22 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

I was WAY into Bookcrossers for a long time--before I started the knitblog. Funny how things go in waves. I still read and release books (I started a lot of rings and rays over there on the site too) and made friends with several of the people... it is a nice group. My name over there is Seferim (that is books in Hebrew!)

Looks like you had a fun weekend--love the pics :)

I hope all is well--I miss hearing from you!

7:30 AM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

wow you are a busy lady! you hats are beautiful!!!!! 1 yr. with the BF that is worth celebrating, mexican is my favorite food (including the tex mex)
i can't believe your cats got into that yarn, yikes! what a mess....

9:52 PM

Blogger Delia said...

Nothing says celebrate like tequila!

I've never done one of these so if you want, interview me!

12:15 PM

Blogger Lora said...

Wow you are all over the place. I am tired from just reading about your schedule.

Your hats are lovely!! I wish fashion would take a cure from the 40s and go back to a little glamour. Sometimes you wonder what the he!! people are wearing when you pass them on the streets.

Mexican is also one of my top favorites. Yum!!!

As far as my clapotis, I'm still muddling along. I had a horrible and I mean really horrible time w/ the set-up and have not been in the mood to work on it. I keep telling myself I should. lol

Look forward to seeing more of your lovely projects.

6:26 PM


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