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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thankfull Thursday

RAOK from DianeNope - I haven't had a moment to even LOOK at my Singapore photos...let alone weed thru them. I see this rainy Saturday for that!
What else has been going on?
(Photo right is Morgan and I from the BBQ -- me in all my aproned glory!)

I've been working on a sock -- frogged it twice but finally have the size right. I'll post a photo of it -- hopefully Monday it'll be done!

Thank You's that are LONG OVERDUE:
RAOK from DianeDiane (of Knittingzeal) was so sweet to send me this Zagats 2005 NYC Theater Guide. Thanks a million Diane! I've ALREADY used it to help in seat selection for a show!
It was such a wonderful surprise to greet me upon my return from traveling thru Asia.
She also enclosed some Knitters Gift Tags -- THAT SHE MAKES!!! They are to be attached to a knitted gift with a scrap of yarn from that project. What a WONDERFUL RAOK!!! Again -- THANKS (can you tell I simply adore it??)

Celias postcard from RomeCelia (Queen of Int'l PJ Days) was kind enough to think of me as she traveled back to Rome after all these years -- and I found this wonderful postcard (right) in my mailbox when I returned!
Thank you ever-so-much! I haven't YET been to Rome...but it's on the list! I hope this card from Lollyweekend slows down enough to be able to take some time and read your entry
(which is likely up already!) about your journey!

Lolly (of, well - Lolly!) Sent me the extra Knitting card that you see here to the left. I'd taken her up on the offer of it -- and I plan to frame it for my new office (which has been pushed back until September...) Thanks Lolly!!! When are you coming to NYC?

You all made my home coming even nicer!!! Thank you!!

Uncle CharlieMichelle, Aunt Ann, SandiIt's been a CRAZY 10 days (yikes that's it?) that I've been home! I spent a few days tweeking and dead-heading my garden for the coming of guests...
My Great Aunt A-A-Ann and Uncle Charlie (left) joined us (my parents, friends and I) for a lovely and over due visit last weekend.
First we journeyed to Times Square to see Steel Magnolias. What a wonderful production! Really - - we laughed, we cried - wonderful!
Then we raced back to my house for a friends and family BBQ. (See Michelle, Aunt Ann & Sandi to the right.) Of course...per the tradition of the first BBQ of the season... it rained for 1/2 of the time! :-) But that stopped NONE of the FUN! I still Jo, Linda, Morgan and DadSkinny Mom!popped out in the pouring rain to BBQ up a feast! (Lemon-garlic steak kabobs, Damn Hot Spicy Shrimp, Mango Salsa, veggies galore etc...) See Jo, Linda, Morgan and my Dad to the Left and my Mom to the right -- Doesn't she look GREAT -- she's lost 42 pounds!!!!!)
Sunday was GEORGOUS!! We spent much of the day lounging in my garden before sending Skinny Mom!my Aunt and Uncle home so they could do things they needed to do. Hmph. We just HAVE TO GET TOGETHER AGAIN! We journey out to see Star Was 3 that evening after a delicious meal at my favorite Greek restaurant - Niko's! Star Wars 3 -- eh. It was fine -- but I guess it's been just too long since I've seen the first 3! Too many of the fight shots were TOO ZOOMED IN...making the fights not as exciting as they were 'back in the day'.



Blogger J. said...

wow looks like fun, all that food is making me hungry, I must go get some breakfast. Have a super weekend.

7:24 PM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

sounds and looks like ya'll had a great time! i love greek food! yummy. the postcards are really neat too, good idea to frame and decorate.

7:48 AM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

woo hoo! looks like you guys had a great time, and your mom *does* look great! congratulations to her. gorgeous postcards... off to eat -- your posts always make me hungry!

9:08 PM

Anonymous Tanya said...

Hey Kimberli, glad you're back from Asia! Just a "hello" to tell you thanks again for being such a swell secret pal (4) I have photos on my blog of all the stuff I made with the Pingoiun yarn you sent - drop me a line when you can (I lost your e-mail) so I can send you a little something to say thank you for all you did - take care!


6:15 PM

Blogger Lauren said...

Hey Kimberli! Fabulous pics! Hope this last week was as good as the previous one :)

I am not sure about a trip to NYC... I really want to come! We can talk more about it soon!

8:06 AM

Blogger Delia said...

Your family looks like so much fun. What a great way to spend a weekend!

1:14 PM


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