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Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Waiter Did It

It's ROASTING outside today...90F with 90% humidity...and that's in the shade... Yeoch!

Work is pluggin' along...todays music selection includes: Cesaria Evora, Sasha Lazard, Compay Segundo, Angélique Kidjo and Sting... Jammin' I say -- JAMMIN'!
Why is it that I just can't help dancing in my chair to most of the above? I get it from my mother who is a well-known seat dancer...she wiggles to the music even when she claims she can't hear it! :-) Wiggle-on Mom!

A favorite Travel topic....

dormshotToday we drove a mere 10 minuites from the factory for a rare lunch out (usually we eat in for time sake.) The factory managers (LL) wife (who name I can't remember - bad Kimberli) and her brother just opened a restaurant! So - OF COURSE I want to try it!!! The cuisine is that of Northern China -- and I was warned (and warned and warned) that it would be spicy!!!
Lets rest all fears - it was spicy - but YUMMY spicy -- VERY flavorful!! So - as a foodie I OF COURSE took photos to share!
First this is my team --- the entire team is here save for Min who was nursing morning sickness. We missed Min.
Sorry for the fuzzy's the best of 3... The Waiter Did It!!


Here we have the first appetizer: in the center is a delecacey --- pig ear, the out side rows are pig tongue and the rows in between are dried beef. They were all dipped in a garlic/vinegar sauce and then a spicy sauce. It was my first time having both pig parts - but they were fine. They have a texure that I'm not huge on -- but the taste was rather tasty. The beef - yummy.

Then we have the pidgeon (in cage) ...

...and duck (note the head and all!)

These dumplings - devine! and the shrimp --- YUM! The shrimp was the spiciest of all dishes (really? with all of those red hot chillies? Get OUT!) But the FLAVOUR -- YUM! A rich spicy flavor! WOW! And yes -- you eat the entire thing - head and all!

Here's a shot of the entire table of food (pre-dumplings.)

A final shot of the watermelon because it was just so pretty. :-)

I look forward to going BACK....the kicker...
We fed 12 people and there were a ton of leftovers that we took with us...
and the bill: $50 USD including tip.
{gulp} Insane right?

Oh...I've signed up for Secret Pal 5!
4 was a blast!
Deadline to sign up: Midnight CST May 29, 2005.
Matches will be Distributed: On or before June 1, 2005
Secret Pal 5 Dates: June 1 - August 31, 2005
Who is this for? Knitters and crocheters only please.
Rox - SP5's maven -- is asking -- where are all the men who want to participate in SP5?
Go sign up fellas!
Happy weekend everyone!


Blogger emy said...

Yah, the food can be so cheap in China that's it's tempting to over-order each time!

I am missing it since I've been away for a year.

10:11 AM

Blogger Rossana said...

Your pictures of all that food totally made me hungry! The presentation is gorgeous! And the price can't be beat. Yums!

10:35 AM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

it is really humid here in Houston too! yuck! today is a day i wish i was back in the mountains:) the food looks sooooo good! nice choice of presentation for the pigeon in a "cage"! go sting go!!!!!! enjoy the day

11:58 AM

Blogger J. said...

I wish i could say i was hot, we have had 4 i mean 5 days of thunderstorms and pouring rain. Hope it stops before you get here.

7:35 PM

Blogger kath red said...

wow this meal looks amazing, the duck especially has my mouth watering. mmm and the dumplings - the pidgeon in cage is ... interesting

7:42 PM


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