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Monday, May 16, 2005

My Oh My

huge mangoWhere to begin...
This posting will be a bunch of random bits...
First a photo of the largest Mango I've ever seen. The photo is at an odd was 2x the size of my Blackberry --- and TASTY!

After the Mango and some more work... off to Hong Kong I went. Mag joined me as we were going out for a nice dinner... We called 8 places for reservations... but wouldn't you know it, all of them were closed on Sundays? So we opted for the fine Chinese restaurant in my hotel --- it's always good!

COVA logo
Today I had one meeting in the morning followed by lunch with the owner of the factory that I spend the most time at in China, Paul. It was lovely. He brought me to COVA - a Milanese restaurant that has some locations here in HK. I can HIGHLY RECCOMEND the one in Causeway Bay. dormshot
We lunched next to an aged HK Movie star (who's name I don't know.) He apparently was in his 60s but was dressed as though he thought he was 25! Although he seemed to be in good physical shape, no man - EVER - should wear WHITE ankle length boots! Ha ha ha! After lunch we toured their new offices in HK followed by a browse in the High Street shops.

sock progressAs if THAT weren't lovely enough...
Paul then dropped me off at a Pacific Coffee where I met up with Marjorie and Eva for some KIP! The other gals could not make it, hopefully next time! I must appologize as I didn't take any photos there -- lots of knitting!!! That said -- this is what I accomplished while there! BABY SOCK Pair #3
Yarn: Bouton D'or ~ Caraibes (French company)
Country of Origin: Made In Yugoslavia
Bought in: Hong Kong (last trip)
Content: 100% Cotton

MAN OH MAN -- I SWEAR -- Eva is the fastest knitter I've ever seen!!! Speed demon - TA doorbellI tell you! About 20 minutes after she left us at the coffee shop we received a call from her telling us of some new yarns at the shop next yes...I was drawn in to buying some yarn... Evil Eva!!! I also briefly got to meet Eva's friend Michelle from Malayasia. We bumped into them at the yarn shop...they were STILL THERE 40 minutes after they called us!
From Cheer Wool we journey over to the other yarn shop/craft supply shop in Causeway Bay that we'd checked out last time. That's the photo you see...that's the name on the entry bell... T&A Needlework. I suppose if you named a US yarn shop that you may suddenly get more men interested in knitting? dinerIn this shop we were looking thru a Japanese knitting book from Fall 2004 and I saw many of my hats used to style the photos. Apparently they were placed by my Japanese office! It was very cool too see! dormshotI can't tell you the name of the book as I don't read Japanese.

From here we hopped over to a lovely Japanese restaurant --- Marjorie - what was it's name?

The food as you can see was lovely to look at and I can assure you it was TASTY to eat!

I loved Marjorie's T-shirt with the Thai Beer logo.

Now I sit here wrapping up my blog from 10 hours I'll be on a plane to Taiwan and a Wednesday evening KIP session with Justine!

Nighty night all!


Anonymous Eva Shiu said...

Hi Kimberli,

What are you going to do with the beautiful bamboo yarns you bought in Cheer Wool ?


1:52 AM

Anonymous Laura said...

Hi there! It sounds like you're having a great time. How cool to meet knitters from another part of the world. Your life is quite fascinating to me. I'm living vicariously through you in your travels. Hope you don't mind! =0)

3:09 AM

Blogger Lauren said...

I love it when you blog your Asia travels! That is the hugest mango ever :) and that is your beloved Blackberry. I believe I have received some emails from that little baby.

Take care, Kimberli!

7:57 AM

Blogger Delia said...

Every time I read your blog, it makes me hungry!

In a good way, of course ;)

7:13 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:51 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

Hi Kimberli,

Nice to meet you too, even just for a short while. I did have a great time at Cheer Wool for the lovely yarn. I believe I will even spend more on yarn in future, and it could be a kind of motivation for me to knit more ;)

Happy Life & Happy Knitting !!!

2:55 AM


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