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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Typing through the fog... I have to say that Tylenol Cold (with Instant Cool Burst sensation) <--- too many smart ass comments can be made about THAT, worked like a charm and I got my FIRST GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP in 5 days last night. HOWEVER - they tell you to get a solid 8 hours of sleep - but the pills work for 6 hours... and at the end of the sixth hour I awoke, rested but stuffy headed again. Hmph.

I'm working from home this morning - wrapping u pthe last of the ordering for my next season in the quiet of my house with the snuggly comfort of Loco sitting next to me. He knows I'm leaving tomorrow and has been stuck to me like glue. He sat on my lap all night last night instead of on Dmitri's. He's such a big love!
This is the only photo I have of Loco that's on my computer currently - and I'm using the CD burner for a work project right now -- He's sitting across Dmitri's lap... keep in mind he's a 27lb Siamese kitty!

I've been too foggy to knit! Argh! I'm working on a lace scarf with a space-dyed eyelash yarn that I picked up in China. I'll post photos soon.
This evening I have to select a second project to bring with me. Perhaps something to make for Baby C. Hmmmm...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sweetie!
for some reason I'd been having trouble logging into your blogpage...but now finally am able to.
wanted to thank you for that link to knitters without borders!! That is one of the most inspiring things I've seen in ages- WOW did you see what the count is up to now???! :)
I reposted it for others to link my journal and around in some of the communities like fiberarts and churchofcraft and such.hope it inspires more people.
much love to ya. and
ps that is one helluva cat.;)

3:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one . . . big . . . kitty! But what a beauty!

Wendy --

7:59 AM

Blogger La said...

Loco may be big, but he sure is beautiful! All that velvety furry goodness! I. MUST. PET. HIM.

12:33 PM


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