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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I found this on Plath's Adventures in Knitting. She found it on Prudent Purl's blog and, yes, I really like it. Prudent Purl got it from an old writing book, and it's supposed to steer you into moving towards your dreams, if done once a month.

25 wishes in no real order

1. I wish my furniture that I ordered in October would arrive already. (Beware of Levitz!)
2. I wish I could make the time to finish reorganizing my studio downstairs.
3. I wish I had more money to donate.
4. I wish I could sleep longer at night (or atleast unwind sooner so I could start sleeping sooner!)
5. I wish I could finish my book proposal.
6. I wish I was about to go on a grand holiday instead of a whirlwind tour the Orient for work.
7. I wish my family lived closer to me.
8. I wish I had more time to spend with my friends who are all spread out.
9. I wish I more time to knit!
10. I wish I had to motivation to get to the gym more (it's building though!)
11. I wish I could BREATH without having to take drugs, but thankful they are working (although a bit foggy headed...darn cold!)
12. I wish Loco (my 27lb Siamese cat) could come on my travels with me!
13. I wish I had time to make all of the ideas in my head.
14. I wish I could work from home more like I used to!
15. I wish my new office were ready! (it's going on 5 months!)
16. I wish my current desk didn't face the gray office supply/coat closet.
17. I wish I was going to be in the USA so that I could attend Charlie's, Jason's and Jim's birthday celebrations!
18. I wish my Mom didn't worry so much.
19. I wish I had more money so that I could ease her worries and so could retire!
20. I wish snow would blanket NYC with a beautful white blanket. I miss the snow.
21. I wish my assistant's cold would go away - she's been fighting it for weeks!
22. I wish I took more time to volunteer.
23. I wish that dishwashers & washing machines were allowed in my building!
24. I wish the air where I spend my time in China was better.
25. I wish Asia wasn't so far from home.


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