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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Happy (sniff) Tuesday. Yep...this darn cold is hanging on...just in time for the 14 hour flight to Hong Kong on Thursday! I've been taking every vitamin I can think of, getting more sleep, eatting a super quotient of veggies!

In looking thru the vast blogville this morning I ran across:

This is a new fun link to Doctors without borders.
For a proper button see my sidebar.
Although I've got a cold - I'm really very lucky. Healthy family, friends etc...
I gave Januray's donation $ to them this morning.

Back to packing and organizing this trip I go!
I think I may bring that sock yarn I bought at Whippletree in Woodstock, VT when Dmitri and I went away. I've never knitted formal Socks. I have knitted HUGE Christmas stockings for my SiL & working heals and toes aren't scary. I just haven't knit socks yet. Hmmm... it's a thought.


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