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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dancing Flavors and Feet

Although midtown restaurants often promise large and deliver small, tending often to an out of town crowd who may not realize they can and should expect more for their dollar, I was pleasantly surprised by Le Madeleine.

I went tonight to meet a party of 5 (only knowing 1 of the 4 people aside from myself) for a pre-show dinner. Being the first to arrive, they seated me without trouble, taking my coat and attending to my beverage needs as I waited. As my party began to arrive the person who'd made the reservation told the host that our party would now be a party of 7...not 5. This at 6pm on a Thursday in the busy theatre district. No trouble. A little work on the part of the staff and voila, a table for seven appears ready and waiting.

Let me say here how much I loved that this restaurant is a member of Slow Food. It showed on their menu as I saw local farms listed as suppliers where available. I enjoyed my mushroom tart and vegetable and Coach goat cheese pasta immensely. Everyone seemed to enjoy their measl - from mussles and salads to steaks and chops. There was no time for dessert - but there will be next time. A good option pre-theatre or pre-show (we headed from here to MSG.)

From here we briskly walked to Madison Square Garden to continue the evenings festivities!

Who were we going to see?


What a great show!!!

The fans of Juanes really know how to enjoy a show!

As I looked around the audience I saw so many Columbian flags being waved. Bright yellow being worn by many -- such celebration of a country.

Everyone sang along and danced - no one seemed to be able to sit still!!

Ooooh --- now I have to get some more of his music and get ready for the wedding to come this spring in Puerto Rico!!! Bring it ON!

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