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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Beginnings

I'm back from my brief trip away last week. (See prior posts as they are filled in.)
Work has been busy - prepping for the arrival of my Taiwanese vendor who I'll work with and entertain starting Monday of next week.

What does a girl do for fun?
Get trained to start volunteering for God's Love We Deliver down on 6th Avenue.

Tonight I dashed from work to their office and listened and learned all about how GLWD started and how it's worked for over 20 years. Really an amazing organization providing 15,000+ meals a week for those with debilitating diseases and their dependants.

Take a look at their 20th Anniversary video. They are always looking for more volunteers! Come join me in the kitchen!!

From here I walked up and across Houston to meet Radhika for a bite at the newly relocated downtown location of Rice. Good food at a good price! We shared an order of veggie dumplings and a caraff of wine. I enjoyed a chicken tamatillo tamale and some Jerk Chicken with brown rice. Radhika enjoyed her Thai Curry with black rice. We finished the meal by sharing 3 homemade cookie-ice cream sandwiches. Yummm! A good reccomendation for dinner Radhika - THANKS!

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