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Friday, February 22, 2008

So Many Movies
How will the Oscars roll???

In these past two weeks I've gotten out to a LOT of movies. Trying to keep busy. Occupied.

The Savages - 4 stars (out of 5)
I think the characters were very well developed. Although it was quite dramatic, there were times of real humor. Philip Seymore Hoffman and Laura Linney (Oscar Nomination) play very well off each other as brother and sister.

Another great film written by a woman (3 out of 5 Oscars for Best Writer - Original Screenplay are women this year!) Perhaps Tamara Jenkins will win an Oscar? We'll see on Sunday at the 80th Annual Oscars!

Go see it. It's worth the trip.
Worth the ticket. Worth a rental.

Meet the Spartans - 0 stars None. Zip. Just bad.

My friend had been going on that he wanted to see this as his students had been referring to it and he thought I could use a good laugh. This was an unsuccessful attempt at the latter.

Even he, and ex-Marine, was disgusted by it. It's gross. Not funny. Ewe.

Not worth a red cent. Waste of a DVD - don't bother with a rental. Ewe.

P.S. I Love You - 3.5 stars

Enjoyable and entertaining.

Great costuming for Hilary Swank - and great shoes!

Worth a rental. Worth a ticket.

Fool's Gold - 2.5 stars

Entertaining but slow. Dragged. Wasn't nearly as good as it could have been. What IS the accent Donald Sutherland was going for anyway?

Worth a rental. Not worth a ticket.

Definitely, Maybe - 4 stars
Very cute. I can see why critics have compared it to The Princess Bride. It'll become a classic. Abigail Breslin does a great job.

Sadly it was NOT the film I should have seen right now- just too much to take in. All this time I thought I was April...but all along I've been Summer.

Worth the ticket. Worth renting on DVD.

In Bruges - 4 Stars

Excellent cinematography. Rich characters. It's not "funny" although there is some humor in it. Brendan Gleeson was fantastic. Colin Farrell finally has a chance to use his Irish accent.
Beware there's a good amount of blood too (I hadn't been prepared for that.)
Worth the ticket. Worth the rental. Watch on a big screen so you can see the architecture of Bruges.

Charlie Wilson's War - 4 Stars
Once agan, Philip Seymore Hoffman (Oscar nomination) did a great job!

Interesting historical story about a time you may or may not have remembered.

Worth the ticket. Worth the Rental.

Other Oscar Nominated Films worth seeing:

*Juno - 5 stars
* Ratatouille - 5 stars
* Michael Clayton - 4 stars
* Sweeney Todd The Demon Barbar of Fleet Street - 4 stars -- I must admit it was just too gorey for me though well done.
* The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - 4 stars
* Sicko - 5 stars

I still need to see:

* There Will Be Blood
* No Country For Old Men
* Elizabeth: The Golden Age
* Atonement
* Persepolis
* La Vie En Rose

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow-that was a lot of must have gone through a ton of popcorn!

8:43 PM

Blogger Melanie J. said...

Sounds like you and Dan aren't in the best place right now...I'm sorry. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you, and remind you that you're a pretty amazing lady :)

9:32 AM


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