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Thursday, February 14, 2008

What A FUN Valentine's Day!

After some meetings and work through the day, I popped down to 6th Avenue & Spring Street to volunteer with "God's Love We DeliverĀ®." I'd signed up through while I was in China so I wouldn't be sitting around alone at home on Valentine's Day. Good choice!

I really enjoyed my few hours there. I frosted 30+ sheet cakes and chopped a ton of celery. There were around 25-30 volunteers there chopping, packing, frosting, cleaning and prepping food to be cooked or delivered tomorrow -- 1600 meals -- to those in need (HIV/AIDS, MS etc -- any debilitating disease.) I may go through training and join the volunteer pool as a regular. It was really well done! Their volunteer coordinator didn't mind that I travel as much as I do either - yeah!!

From here I dashed back uptown to 32nd Street between 5th Avenue & Broadway to join 11 friends (Henri at left and Lisa at right) - both old and new - at TODAI, an all-you-can eat Sushi and Japanese Seafood buffet. (Yes, they had meats too!)
We all stuffed ourselves with the tasty choices and ended with banana & chocolate filled crepes! Yuuuuum!

At $27.95 per person, I thin kit was quite reasonable! (Those who got beers only paid $4.50/beer -- which is CHEAP in NYC!!)
Next - on to Henri's friend's Karaoke party downtown at Bar Bleu/ under Cafe Deville, the restaurant on the corner of 13th and 3rd Avenue. 4 of us joined Henri...all of the men dissapeared for one reason or another. It was a nice way to spend a little time getting to know Patrizia and Chiara, Patrizia having arrived in NYC only a week ago!

The fellow doing the Karaoke DJing, Adam, had quite a good selection (14,000+ songs)...everything from the Rat Pack to Annie Lenox to 70s Funk. We all sang songs -- I even sang one with the DJ at his request. (To bad the arrangement was completely nutty!)
We even squeezed in a spot of dancing!!!

Now it's home to wrap up some notes for tomorrow's morning meeting!

Thanks all for a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! now what shall we do for President's Day?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the movie reviews! I'm just a long time fan of your blog and enjoy reading your postings from here and there. Sounds like maybe you have had a change in your love life? Well, I wish you all the best... and hope you have an easier time of things this time around. My sister always says never tell your friends or family the bad things your boyfriend/spouse/etc did because eventually you may forgive the bf/s/etc but the friends and family don't forget. So true! In other words, I'm remembering some deleted posts and so I say move on and move up!

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