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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gettin' your dance on!

What a great night!

First my friend Jason and I ate our fill at Hagi in the Theatre District.
Then we went to see a preview of In The Heights.
It's the first New Broadway Musical that I've seen in a while that grabbed me from the moment it began.

This will win a best new show Tony -- mark my words! Get tickets for it NOW before everyone catches on as to how FABULOUS it is!!! The theatre is small - so I'd say all seats are good seats -- Really - go - now!

From here I hopped a subway to the lower east side to Key Bar to meet up with my friend Yuko and her pals. What a great small space! So cozy with it's fireplace!! Perfect on a night like this that was so blusteringly cold and windy!!

A friend of Yuko's was in from Tokyo and was spinning in this tiny bar. Apparently he's a big deal DJ in Tokyo -- which I can understand why! He was SO GREAT!! He mixed lounge with some ambient music -- AND --- there were 3 live musicians including a sax who jammed along with the music he spun.


It was wonerful seeing Yuko and her husband Kelvin!

I also really enjoyed meeting so many of Yuko's pals in NYC!

What fun!!!

Oooh and before I forget -- the Key Bar makes the BEST Passion Fruit Martini's that I've ever had. WOW! Beware - they taste really good and pack a punch!!!

After hours of dancing it was time to start the journey we're starving...and since the Yaffa Cafe IS open 24/7...Oh, OK -- breakfast it is!!!
One less thing to do when I get up in the morning!!! Yaffa Cafe has yummy french toast, tasty linguine and what looked like a decent burger & chicken fingers.

Ahhh -- what a great night. Thanks all! I needed a night out dancing like this!!!

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