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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I know --- asking to move CNY is like asking to move Christmas and New Years Eave all at once.

Yep - I'm still in China and it's still really cold.

It hit a whopping 44F (7C) today -- which isn't so cold you may think - but when you're in cement buildings, a warm up to 44F doesn't translate into the buildings. This weather situation is ruining Chinese New Year for people. Trains are still at a standstill. As of yesterday 150,000 people were sleeping in the Guang Zhou train station hopeful and awaiting trains. Ice and snow has blanketed areas just north of where I sit, and roads have been at a standstill for 3-6 days now.

Fu just came into the office (after having said goodnight for the day) and told us the government has cancelled all home-going (northern bound) trains through February 6th. All this after having to telephone the train company exactly 10 days prior to your departure (no more, no less)-- hoping that your call goes through and hoping you get a ticket before they sell out -- followed by getting yourself to special pick-up tickets building (that isn't at the train station or near good public transport) within 24hrs or you loose it.

This means 600,000 people will not be able to go home for Chinese New Year (CNY.) Figuring it can take 4 days journey each way --- most factories & businesses reopen the 15th. There just isn't time now. Fu herself was making her first trip home for CNY to see her daughters. CNY is the only time many people go home to see their families each year. Since it's customary in many parts of China to have the Grandparents raise the grandchildren while the childrens parents go find good work and send money home, this is the only time parents often see their children all year long.

At least they are refunding the cost of the train tickets! A rarity indeed!If you're interested in photos of this all, BBC had a story on it this morning that I'm sure you could find at . Especially now with the trains being cancelled rather than "delayed."

Factory update -- They have started some heat for me at the factory bringing it to about 53F as an inside temp, which has allowed my fingers to work in the fingerless gloves. (Thank goodness for the handknits, scarves & down vest that I brought!! :-)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

eek sorry about the cold- but at least you Look cute!:) loving the headband...wish I could wear it like that!!!

12:09 AM

Blogger debolsillo said...

I'm so sorry about cold and all inconveniences in China. Hope you can have sunny holidays after that! Greetings from Barcelona :)

6:37 AM


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