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Monday, January 21, 2008

On the Road Again!!

*Cat feeder - check!
*Travel schedule - check!
* Packed and ready to go? - Check!

Where to this time? My 63rd trip to China, of course! It's time to start designing my next collection for... Spring 2009!

Yes - the fashion buisness works this far (sometime further) in advance! January is a rough check writing month for me... 2007 has just ended, I've launched my final collection for 2008 and started work on 2009! I can't tell you how oten I catch myself just in time to write the proper year on a check!

The flights here iat Newark are seemingly a mess today -- lit up with delays. My flight is delayed a mere 1.5 hours thus far. Mild compared to those around me that are crying "4 hours!" I've known this was likely since they called me at 8:15 this morning, so I've got a slice of pizza and my knitting at hand.

Time to practice a bit of double knitting.
I've signed-up for the 2 session Double Knitting Two course at Knitty City (Feb 10 & Mar 9.) I am SHOCKED that I'll be in town BOTH days and able to take a course that is more than 1 day long!! Unbelievable, I know!

Knitting time!
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Blogger mark said...

i love to read your blog...I, too, am in the same industry you are in and also love knitwear...but you seem to travel much more than I.
I am curious as to what company you work for-?


3:58 PM


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