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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

With no internet at home until months end, I've been quite deliquent in writing here. When I've been at work it's been extra extra long days so I'd dash home (10pm+) rather than blogging.

I've so many photos and fun things to post! It's been a FUN month!!

In random as-it-comes-to-me order:

* Columbus Day weekend away with Dan to the Birkshires!

* Moments of time sucked into Ravelry!!!

* Dinner with girlfriends!!

* I had 18 people (plus me) over for Thanksgiving to feast! What an amazing & International group!! From France, Singapore, Italy, Holland, Puerto Rico, Slovakia and Egypt to name a few!
Food I made: 20lb Turkey (I've cooked them for years and years but brined for the 1st time this year), 2 stuffings: wheat w/ sausage & dried apricot & traditional white bread, homemade whole cranberry sauce, kale with garic & pinenuts, roasted carrots, lemon coconut bars, cookies, coconut shrimp, apple crisp...
People brought: 12 more desserts, plus appetizers and a yummy green bean dish -- many from their home countries!
If you went hungry it was your own fault!

* Helped plan a Baby Shower that was last weekend for Jo! (Due Jan 6!!) Fun and a successful surprise.

* Flew out to San Diego to help Chemo-sit my dear friend Tara, taking her to round 1 of her Chemo infusions and stayed a week afterwards. She's doing VERY WELL and had round 4 yesterday!! 50% done with chemo!! You go girl!!

* Enjoyed Walmartopia downtown Off-Broadway with my parents after Thanksgiving.

* Go see The Mist! (Steven King Thriller/Horror)! It's good!

* Baked cookies - yum! Gingersnaps! I think it's time to bake again!

* Made a great if-not-a-bit-too-salty Turkey Veggie Orzo soup from the carcass. NOTE: do not add that pinch o salt when making the stock with a turkey that you BRINED! (Duh.)

* Danced the night away at Michelle's holiday soiré/house warming.

* knit: 6 Christmas gifts and counting!

* Am reading two books...
-At my place: The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille (really interesting!!!)
-At Dan's place: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

* Successfully completed another photoshoot and am up to my neck in finishing the next catalog -- Autumn/Winter 2008!!

* Launched my new line (AW08) to my UK/EU people (US launch in January) and enjoyed sharing NYC with them.

* Yummy dinners out: The Mermaid Inn (UWS), Hagi (Theatre Dist), Compass (UWS), L'absynth (UES), Momofuku (LES)...

* Cooked the best Roast Beef I've ever made! YUM!

I know there's more!!! It's been a busy 8 weeks!!

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Blogger pupupidu said...

WOWWW !! a lot of things during these last weeks!! What do you have for breakfast for having such energy!!?? :o)

7:28 AM

Blogger J. said...

Glad that you are alive and well!

12:02 PM


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