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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barcelona Kniteratti - Here I come!!!

Yeah!! I just heard from Pauline in Barcelona!! She's trying to set up a Saturday afternoon SnB meeting up at Persones Llanes (door shown at right!) I may get there nearer to 4pm, but seems like folks may arrive at 5pm. I have a business meeting/dinner at 8pm. (Thus why I'll be in Spain.)
Yeah!!!! Something fun to look forward to on my red-eye arrival!

I'm only there Saturday morning through Monday morning then I return home. (Working Saturday night and Sunday afternoon/night.)

Phew. Now, what project am I going to pack?

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Blogger Claudine said...

That is one COOL door. All you need is knitting and love!

8:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

(cut and pasted in here...)

your blog won’t let me comment, perhaps it is getting me back for not letting you comment on mine!

What I wanted to say was … if you want to knit a little love I am looking for some - heart squares, the deets are on my blog - that is such a great picture I think that I am going to have to steal it and use is with my have a heart blanket … perhaps as cards.

have fun in Spain… I’ll live it through your blog

cheers J

1:46 PM


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