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Thursday, December 20, 2007

HOW-TO...It's a Wrap

Since folks have asked for more info, here are all of the juicy details:

I folded sheets from catalogs (3 to 4 pieces) into knife-pleats/acordian pleats and stitched them together into a sheet. I calculated how large the sheet needed to be by placing the gift to be wrapped on top and guestimating. Then I stitch across the pleated edges, which we'll call top & bottom, leaving approx. 1/4" seam allowance.
NOTE: roll up the edges of the sheet halfway up your gift when guestimating...remember, it's NOT like using wrapping paper!

Repeat making a second sheet of approximately the same size (you have a little wiggle room since you'll be cutting the side to side edges.) I pinked the top and bottom edges of both pages.

Next I put one sheet on top of the other - wrong sides together - and stitched down the two sides (parallel to the pleats.) When stitching, I left enough seam allowance to be able to pink the sides after sewing (1/4" worked fine.)
Returning to the top & bottom edges (which are independently sewn, but NOT sewn together, go to the center of this edge. I folded a line across the folds, between 1/2" & 3/4" in from the edge. Then I curved the fold from that point out to the corners where the stitch line up he sides met the ends. This creates a curved half-moon fold.
Do this on all four top/bottom edges.

You will have created a package/packet with self closing ends.
The thicker your "filling" (present), the further in you make your innitial fold for the half-moon.

I help to keep the package closed with the tying of ribbon. Then I added a gift tag (often two pieces of a catalog glue-stick glued together and cut.

Punch a whole in it.
Thread the tassles through and tie tassles to the ribbon or yarn used to tie the package closed.
Other options? Replace ribbon with yarn. Try an i-cord bow! The possiblities are endless!!

VoilĂ . Got it! Thought so!

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Blogger CentralParkQueen said...

Atta girl! Brilliant green christmas idea!

I usually hate wrapping presents(double urgh) and I do a pretty bad job of it too(as if to prove my point but Im just really bad at it).

11:51 AM

Blogger pupupidu said...

Hi !!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS and lot of kisses from Spain!

6:01 PM

Blogger Erin said...

This is such a great idea and you did a wonderful job describing it in this tutorial!

4:05 PM


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