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Saturday, October 27, 2007

3 weeks - whooosh

As I sit here at the airport, let's see if I can lay out a brief 3-week rundown... Perhaps if time allows this week, I'll add photos and further details.

Yes, we DID make dinner in HK...the restaurant held our table because we're frequent customers!!

I'd love to say my flight home was uneventful...
I boarded. Fell asleep -- awoke to people screaming as the cabin filled with smoke. I could still see the HK airport and we weren't turning around. The thick grey-black noxious smelling smoke poured in from the AC vents. Yes, it was scary. Yes the staff did their best to reseat the crazed women who were screaming and running up and down the aisles.

This is NOT the way you want to be awoken on a flight.

What did I do? Wrapped my scarf around my mouth and pulled out my knitting and knit away. I came to grips a long time ago that with the amount I fly, if it's my time, it's my time. The captain came on and told us the problem stemmed from cleaner from the engines that "should have" burned off on the tarmack. 10
Minutes later most of the smoke was gone.
Continental -- I did NOT appreciate this.
Yes - we all survived.

I need a raise.

Returning home was grand! Dan and I stole awa for a 4-day weekend to the Birkshires! I LOVED it! We'll go back.

Work has been rough. Business is hard. I am once again without an assistant and with budget cuts I don't forsee getting one any time soon. Life rolls on.
The next line looks good (if I do say so myself) and I'm pleased with the direction we're going in.

I've seen two opera these 3 weeks home -- both NYC Operas. Allegra & I went to see Carmen - enjoyable - music everyone knows. The lead (Carmen) was good but not nearly as spectacular as the Soprano! Wow!
This week Michelle and I saw Aggrippina (Handel). Bad. Really bad. Super really 50+% of the audience didn't return after the intermission bad. The woman who played the lead - Aggrippina - OUCH! She was OK when belting, but otherwise she'd yelp her notes as she swooped into them. OUCH. I kept the playbill so I can note who she is to avoid her performances in the future. We DID enjoy a beautiful meal at Compass before the show! Yum!

I've been silent here because I've been...emotionally drained and distracted (Ravelry!)

My dear friend in San Diego has been through the mill with her ever changing breast cancer diagnosis. There have been ups and downs. This week she and her husband were evacuated from their home amidst the fires in San Diego. If I didn't already feel helpless...
Thankfully their home was left untouched. I really don't think she could have handled loosing her home on top of everything else.

I seem to have really internalized her struggle. It has shaken me to the core...something anyone who has been touched by cancer of a loved one can surely understand.

Today I fly out to SD, a few days later than originally planned due to the fires. Monday we go for her first round of chemo and I'll stay thru next Sunday to act as care giver and hopefully a distraction. :-)

With the help of the internet, books and a wonderful survivors/care giver chat group on Ravelry (you women are all so amazing!), I think I've prepared myself as best I can. I have been told I'll "grow into" what's needed. I'm sure I will.

I'm confident that she will make it through this all with flying colors...although the months ahead may be rough. She's got an amazing international cheerleading squad!!

Tonight we'll go out for a good meal and laughs aplenty. That's what I hope to bring with me most. Some laughs!
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Ohhhh! what a bad flight experience!! Fortunately that at the end everything went OK!!!!

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