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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another first in...HK...JUST!

A crazy 12 days in China! Busy busy busy! Today, Day 23 of the trip --- I FINISHED my next collection...well...finished the design!!

We got into the car - visions of Sabitini and a celebratory glass of wine in our future. Already a little late -- we sped to the China border -- arrived to wait for the Hong Kong driver...

...Who picked us up, late, and needed gas...15 minutes more...Zoooooom! We're at the China border... Immigration - Check! Zooooom! We're at the Honk Kong border entry... Immigration - Check!! Zoo-oo-oo...I can taste the Carpaccio!!... FLAT TIRE!

So here we stand -- 10pm -- flat tire being changed just inside the Hong Kong border...

Will we make it to the restaurant?
Time will tell!!
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Blogger Mary said...

So, did you make it? I hope so!

5:27 PM

Anonymous Siow Chin said...

Any chance to see you during this whirlwind trip?

11:52 PM

Blogger SUMmer said...

so who did the deed to change the tire? hope it wasn't a messy one! :P

12:31 AM


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