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Sunday, September 30, 2007


These past few days have zoomed by! Not only have I spent a little time poking through Ravelry (which if you haven't gotten on the list -- GET ON IT -- this site is FANTASTIC!) Such a cool organizational tool by way of a neato community!! Come on over you Happy Hookers too!! It's for both Knit and Crochet!!! (I wonder if they'd ever add quilting...or sewing...or...I could go on and on here eh?)

Firstly - Stipety Sweater update from this morning's commute!!

It's-a-growing (slowly but growing!!) I've nearly finished the first section of the body. Portions are about to reside on holders while I hop over to make the two sleeve. I think I'm going to knit them at the same time on two DPNs. It's just faster/easier for me since I'm used to knitting my socks that way. Thank goodness Dan went into my Knit Library for me and sent me those pages! Looks like I'm actually going to need them!!! (I still can't believe I didn't photocopy the entire pattern before I left! Glad I'd put it back on the shelf for easy finding!)

I may get a little time in tomorrow to knit.

I'm not sure if I have a morning meeting at my hotel or not. Tomorrow is National Day here in China (China's birthday basically.) The factory is closed and Mag will be returning to China from her trip to the exhibition in Russia. She'll meet me at the hotel at 1pm for lunch and then I suppose I'll head to the factory to wrap up anything further before Bernard arrives from New York on Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday will be the review. If there is a need, still waiting on what the thought is, one of my Hong Kong vendors may come on up via train to Dongguan tomorrow to go over the new samples that have been finished so that I can make face-to-face comments -- I think as much as I'd love a relaxing morning of paperwork and knitting in my hotel room, it'd be best if he comes up. Things work faster in person any day of the week!


As promised to me, yesterday we had the spicy frog dish - YUM!! We also had a DELICIOUS ground pork stuffed tofu dish. I've had A spicy frog dish before - but both of these were new to me from the kitchen of Fu. Add the Choy Sum, rice and a dish of shredded cooked cucumber and that's a lunch fit for a KING!!! See the slide show below for all of the juicy visuals. Oooh, it looks so good - must almost be lunch time here in China!!!

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