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Friday, September 28, 2007

Food Update in China

New Dish Alert! New Dish Alert!
Fu made this today -- it's an omelet, but she put in that spice (whose name I still can't find in English) that she brings from her home town. You have to pull them out before you eat the dish they're in or it tastes SUPER bitter.

This was just too pretty not to take. Love the orange. I'm in a real orange mood lately (oh, and purple!)

Lunch! Add the plate of cabbage, some rice and voila! YUM!!

I'm not the only one who travels through Asia focusing on the FOOD!! I ran across the NH Bushman on Flickr. Check out his site for more YUMMINESS!!!
Make me it just coincidence we're both from New Hampshire?

Stay tuned -- tomorrow I've been promised spicy frog! (YUM --Love me some frog!!!)

I even got a few rows done on the baby sweater on the way to the office today! Too bad the new highway is done -- my commute went from 45 minutes to 20! 25 minutes of blissful knitting gone -- all in the name of a better infrastructure. I guess I can give them that. {grin}

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Blogger MJ Klein said...

thanks for the mention Kimberli. we've recently updated our website to a hosted domain. the new URL is:

where were you from in NH? i haven't been back for 4 years.

take care.

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