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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Respect the Brim!!!

Tara dashed me into town for the NBC spot (which I'll post a link to as soon as I get one) and then we popped over to the Parkhouse Eatery. The Chilaquiles was pretty good, but the iced coffee was BAD! Burned. Really bad.

Next stop? The Village Hat Shop where the trunk show was! We were BUSY!! People had seen the TV spots and brought in their suits and dresses to match a hat to. Fun!
SignOnSanDiego can by and ran about 45 minutes of film...this is what they made from it. It's quirky and entertaining. Respect the brim!

After a nice relaxing afternoon where we all sat down to relax and what Who Killed The Electric Car (a movie you all should see BTW!), we readied ourselves for dinner in La Jolla.

We popped on over to Trattoria Acqua for a delicious evening. Their executive chef and the beverage specialist had been on Fox 6 just after me and they'd strongly suggested I come out and try their restaurant. I think we were all glad we did! It was voted one of the top 10 restaurants in the US by USA Today.
Thanks to their PR whiz Beck too for helping us get a reservation at such last minute notice!!

What did we eat? This and more...

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