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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

That is when the sun isn't out! The weather here in London since I've arrived has been raining (sometimes pouring) and the next minute it's bright and sunny.

Had a lovely dinner at the Yard (140 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4SD Tel: 02.07.336.7758) last night. A tasty salad followed by a rather gourmet wild mushroom (and garlic) pizza -- do you SEE those cloves of roasted garlic -- YUMMMM! Washed it down with a nice glass of Montepulciano and some sparkling water and headed back to the hotel for some sleep...which finally came around 2:30am.

Today I was up in time to catch the Queen's Birthday Parade on the tellie. While I was watching I heard a loud noise and popped to the window to see planes flying just overhead in formation. I finally was prepared when the third and final grouping - the Red Arrows - flew overhead and I was able to get this photo.

The transportation here reminded me of NYC on the weekends -- the subway line that was most convenient to where I needed to go was simply closed for the weekend. Thus I arrived through a bit of a round the way traveling to meet Henri and Deji near the Globe Theatre/Tate Modern for a walk through London's Borough market and a lovely lunch at a local Greek restaurant.

While at the market I had 2 lovely things -- an amazing cup of coffee from Monmouth Coffee Co. and one of the BEST Brownies I've ever had... the brownie was from Flour Power City Bakery. YUUUUM!

We walked down the river enjoying a little bit of sun hoping it would hold off until we hit the tube -- which it did -- but barely -- LOOK at that SKY (left)! Angry!! Just moments before it looked like this (below right)...

From here they joined me to Harrod's where I continued my looking for work. I often have to dash through as many stores as I can in a day to see what my competition has on offer. Sometimes it also involves purchasing items... Today was one of those day. Below left we see Henri happily holding the boxes containing my purchases of the day. Fun!
I am saddened to say that Harvey Nichols no longer has a millinery department AT ALL. Truly a shame. Folks here in London -- get out there and buy more hats!!! Bring it back!! They used to have such a lovely and quirky department!!!

It was so nice to see both Henri and Deji. Deji used to live in NYC but I didn't know him much then. Now he's back in England. Henri lives in NYC but happened to be here in London for a few days on her way to Slovakia. She'll fly there tomorrow and take a test (for school) later this week. GOOD LUCK HENRI!!! I know you'll do well!! I've spent more of my time with Henri out of the US then in the US. We'll have to change that!

Upon returning to the hotel I ran into some coworkers who have also arrived for the lingering conference and joined them for a bite at Cantaloupe (35 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3PD.) We'd had a company dinner here once before. The food is alright. My salad was nice -- but the atmosphere -- it's just -- LOUD I guess. It's loud and hard to have conversation.

Tonight I worked a bit on adding more photos to my Flickr page so that I can write my Sri Lanka blog posts etc. So many photos to organize! I still have well over 1000 to go through. Phew. Time - I just need time!
Nighty night!

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Anonymous Deji said...

Thanks for a great day out. Hopefully we'll get to do it again soon. I suggest Amsterdam!!
Now that i have discovered your blog, i can keep up with your international escapades (both work and fun related).


6:03 AM


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