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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


In a necessary break from studying while I cooked up dinner...

...Look whose custom made Tuxedo arrived today in the Post!!!
He'd ordered it in Hong Kong when we were there in April, but a small misunderstanding required the trousers to be remade and delayed its arrival.

Yes - he got a real bow tie (I'm a total sucker for a man in a bow tie!!)

Now we just need to find an excuse to break it out and to bust Dan away from the crazed study schedule he's on.
He's in week 2 of his one year Master's program at Columbia University and is a studying machine!!!

Hmmm...where to wear the tux first...

Meanwhile, upon my return from this next trip I have a TON of sewing to do! I've dropped two sizes since last summer and my closet of dresses mine as well be potato sacks!

So much to do - darn that work thing!

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