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Monday, April 23, 2007

Thank you 100 times over THANK YOU!!

My family not only is so supportive whenever I need something -- but when they say they will come and help -- THEY HUSTLE!!!


My folks arrived shortly before lunch on Saturday from New Hampshire and stayed until the same time the next day, and my brother and his family filled the next shift Sunday before lunch until late Sunday night.

My folks plowed through the "wet stuff", laying it all out in the hot sun (we were blessed with SUN - Yeah!!!) I'm sure my neighbors in the buildings above that look onto my garden were wondering what the heck I was up to now!!!

Sunday we took a few breaks for meals... Including a huge waffle covered in whipped cream and yummy Japanese food later in the night!

My brother kept my spirits up getting hatty...I wonder if he remembered that was the hat I designed and wore to his college graduation!? (It was in far better shape then!!) Those red dots are large ladybugs and the entire hat is covered with daisies! :-)

With everyones help, I was able to get the flood level into a shape where in I could leave it while I go away again!

Back to China in 2 days!!!

Thanks everyone! You saved my sanity, not only my stuff!

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Anonymous marjorie said...

hope you are doing fine. call me if you are coming to hk. I have just tagged you a meme.

3:19 AM


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