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Friday, April 20, 2007

I Have the Best Family

This whole flood, travel, work thing -- it's been pretty overwhelming this week to say the least.

Seems everyone I know is swamped with commitments in their own lives (or they're out of the country)...but my parents and my brother will drive here this weekend from New Hampshire and Massachusetts to help me pack up 1/2 of my apartment (the half with the most stuff I might add) so it won't be ruined by the traveling mold while I'm traveling through Asia these coming 2 weeks. The movers will come to transport it all to a to-be-arranged storage unit upon my return. (Everything must be dry before it's moved to storage.)

I can't thank them enough. I really needed the hands (I can't lift up the cabinets etc onto blocks alone without getting hurt!)...and I really needed the support!

They always have come through for me when I've needed it. Thanks! You're the best!!
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Blogger mrspilkington said...

so glad that your family can give you a boost when you need it! hope things settle down soon.

10:50 AM


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