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Sunday, April 08, 2007!

I was up at 4:30am to get to the airport in time... Head cold and all!
Somewhere between the hotel and the airport I lost my beautiful alpaca Burberry wrap. I'm just heartbroken!!! I've been trying to reach the hotel, but their number (in their bill) rings at a personal home. Very odd!

I got word that the couple we're swapping apartments with arrived well in NYC. Yeah!

TRAVELERS NOTE: When traveling within Europe, each person is limited to 20kg of weight. This can be with on bag or two, but totaling 20kg. This is half of what you are allowed on flights from the US into Europe and Europe to the US.

I did not know this...or rather, when I asked my travel agent about my itinerary and luggage, I was told that so long as each bag (max 2 check-in bags) was under 25kg I'd be fine. I was fine at all of the other stops (saved in India by Dan having only 1 check-in bag)... But since I was flying Italy to France and stopping (not transferring to a flight to the US), the rule is 20kg per person and €12 PER KG (yeowch!) over that. This is the first trip ever where I am traveling with 2 check-in bags. (I'm going to have to mail a package home from Paris, I just know it!)

I don't know if it was my opening my suitcase and removing the only new item - the wine that had been gifted to me -- but by doing that he waved me through at 40kg without penalty. The outfit, yarn and bag that I bought were on me or in my carry-on! So my bags were the same weight leaving as they were when they arrived (lighter actually since I rid myself of some unruley paperwork!!) I hope he enjoys the wine from my vendors vinyard. Happy Easter.

So - here I am doing my usual excercise at CDG (Charles du Galle) -- WAITING. For the first time EVER, I have personally had stellar luck with CDG this trip both on my way to Italy and today on my return. (I was once stuck in this airport for 3 days...and my other previous flights had all been delayed or cancelled.)

Michelle left NYC last night was stuck at her layover in Amsterdam for a bit this morning, but looks like her flight has finally taken off and she'll arrive just over an hour late.

Here I sit enjoying a cappuccino and pain au chocolat while doing a Kakuro.

Yeah! Girls week in Paris is about to begin!!!
Hmmm, guess I'd better dig out the address of the house we'll be staying at here in Paris eh? I've got the time!

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Blogger SUMmer said...

I wish I could be at Paris too... Have a good time there babe! Miss ya!

5:45 AM


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