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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A question to blogland...

What's the best thing to wash balls of wool in?

I've 2 bags of yarn, one that I bought in Italy in October that met the rat poison flood water.

Any experience or ideas out there? Thanks!

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UPDATE: Make that 3 bags...

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Blogger J. said...

I have no washing ideas but I just wanted to say hang in there, doesn't sound like much fun. Glad you made it home in one piece after all those fabulous travels...hope the wool survives

9:56 AM

Anonymous Lavinia said...

Hallo, best way for washing your wool:
1) convert balls into hanks, and tie hanks not to get yarn mixed up
2) prepare a good quantity of luke warm water (30° Celsius)
3) add flakes of Marseille soap (1 table spoon/1Liter water)
4) plunge hanks gently into water, rise and plunge again for 2-4 times
5) rinse hanks in clear water at same temperature
6) hang hanks through an horizontal PLASTIC stock (U may use a baisin one) Stock must be in plastic, in order to not fade up.
7) change position of hanks in order to enagle a better drain of water
8) do not expose at sun light -best place is in a shady-airy place.
9) do not squeeze.
Remember: wool is a natural fiber and needs a lot of gentleness.
By the way: i have been knowing Beatrice since 1967????
Love to U and NYC.

8:19 AM


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