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Monday, April 16, 2007

Some how...I'm... Home!

Over five weeks has passed and I arrived mid Nor'easter last evening. The roughest plane ride in my personal history brought me home. See the "bumps" in the clouds? The pilot told us to check them out as the the clouds were visually showing us why the ride was so rough.

I think the universe was either telling me to turn around or warn me about coming home... Why?

I arrived to 6" of water covering my entire downstairs. It must have started only shortly before I walked in my door. As I made calls and lifted anything salvagable out of the water (100s of books died in this flood), the water looked as though it was receeding... but it actually seeped, bubbling as it went, through my floor. Looking at the outer "unfinished" "shared" part of the basement where the electrical boxes etc are... It was still under 6". (Above shows my subwoofer after the water began to receed...)

Hours later after a series of plumbers came through my door, one was able to jury-rig the pump and the water started to go!

The plumber left, he wasn't a "laborer"... It was no 8pm and frankly, no laborer was coming. So I grabbed my broom and spent until 1:30am "sweeping the water towards the pump. The pump must be monitered due to its hury-rigged status.

I finally had to stop and sleep from exhaustion.

Noone in my building realizes that they are under water downstairs...

My apartment stinks of mustiness...

Anyone have any suggestions on:

*how to get the smell gone (they are going to have to replace the floors!)

*what my legal rights are since the building had a faulty built-in pump and I had to do the labor. (We rent as to have others keep your home going, don't we?)

I've many entries to post...but the flood takes lead!

It's 7:12am...time to resume the water sweeping.

Ciao ciao!

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Blogger Bryony said...

That sucks beyond belief! I feel so bad for you :(

But what is even freakier is DB's parents just had the same thing - water leaking from the immersion tank that completely ruined their living room (we are talking ceiling, walls, carpet, sofa, bookcase etc etc etc), so maybe I can offer a little help with some of it. They had a huge specialist industrial fan to help dry the place out, plus a dehumidifier. The smell should ease off once everything is dry, but till then, windows open whenever you are home, plus some candles to help at least mask the odour.

I hope you can work it all out!

3:17 PM

Anonymous Amy said...

That really sucks! We had the same thing happen to us last night on a house we were supposed to close on today!

10:10 PM


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