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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today was the day!! Time to pick up travel books for all of the upcoming destinations this spring!! First Dan and I went over to Labyrinth Books, a local neighborhood bookstore here on the Upper West Side. This was my third visit to this store...and the third time that I walked away empty handed. They don't even have a travel book section (although they are considering adding one.) They mainly seem to sell text books for Columbia University. To rev back up we stopped by Oren's for aome coffee, hot cider and a good muffin. I've lived in this neighborhood for nearly 7 years and have never thought to go to the Columbia University bookstore. It's now a Barnes and Noble (yeah member card!), and we were able to find everything on our list!
From here we dashed to Brooklyn to catch Asbury Shorts 2 at Lyceum. First we popped into Bogota Bistro on 5th Avenue (in Brooklyn.) YUM! The photos are from this meal. Double yum!! For more info and my review, click the link above.
Back to the Asbury Shorts...this time they were all award winners...darn some of them were funny!! The Brooklyn Lyceum seems to put on a unique variety of programs. It's not a typical theatre, but a large screen on the back wall of a warehouse like space with risers holding folding chairs on the other end. This leaves a large empty space in the middle that seem to be used for concerts and readings. An orchestra was packing up when we arrived. Neat space.
What a nice day. Now I've a heck of a lot of books to get's DEFINATELY going to take up some of my knitting time! Speaking of knitting... only 2 weeks left to finish the secret project.

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