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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday is Jazz Day

Today was a FUN DAY! After a nice brunch with Morgan, my folks and I relaxed for the one point all of the men in the house were sleeping side-by-side on the couch (yes that's Dad and the three cats -- ooh and a sweater i knit for Dad years ago!!) Too funny!! Soon we were dashing downtown to meet Michelle at the restaurant called Colors. It's a co-op restaurant (meaning all of the staff has a stake in the restaurant.) This means everyone was eager to make sure you had a great experience. Decent food that switched with the seasons, and an interesting world menu.

Then we cabbed it up to Birdland to see Chico O'Farrel's 18pc Afro-Cuban Jazz Band. Yep, the same one I'd seen on New Year's Eve with Michelle. My parents hadn't been to Birdland in 20 some years -- they last time they were there it was not only in it's last location, but they saw Miles Davis!! (Sooo Lucky!!)

This time my parents friends and neighbors from New Hampshire had journeyed down for the weekend to attend tomorrow nights festivities, so they also joined us here. My Mom danced in her chair all night, and Robin wore a perma-grin. Everyone had a fun time!!

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