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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday with My Folks
Day one of my folks visit! Lots of funin store for the weekend!! This morning I made a yummy oatmeal. I think I've finally mastered Dan's recipe! Yeah!! It is SO GOOD!!

From here we hopped the subway and rode downtown to McNulty's Tea and Coffee shop so I could restock my peppermint tea and coffee beans. This is a great little shop. It's been here since the late 1800s. Mom found a few interesting things to try too!
From here it was back uptown for lunch at Ollie's Noodle shop!! Cantonese soups were enjoyed by all!! Yum!! And the service there is always so quick and convienently located across from the Barnes and Noble and the AMC Cinema near Lincoln Center.
We popped over to Barnes and Noble so Mom could spend her Christmas gift card. She found some great books from her list!!

Upon returning home, Jo came over for knitting lesson #2. Her stitch has gotten really good, and so fast! She's a natural! Oh, and she's hooked! :-)

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