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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Eating alone in a restaurant is always interesting. The first group of people, comprising say...half of the people there, look at you with this "poor thing" look as though it's the worst possible ending to be seated ALONE, IN PUBLIC, eating! I think they almost uniformly think I've been stood up!
The next group look on with this curiosity...many in this group are children who visibly wonder why I'm there alone? Sometimes they even ask where my date is. When I tell them I'm simply eating alone they search their minds for a good reason WHY I'd want to do this?? Today it's because everyone I know is busy and I REALLY wanted a duck enchiladas from Mama Mexico's. YUM!!
The final group is small. These are the people who either wish they were there alone or have eaten alone and see the looks being passed.

If you visit Mama's - don't pass up the frozen Margaritas! Today I had to substitute my Pomegranite for Mango...they had run out!

After the meal I met up with Jo and we saw Little Miss Sunshine. Loved it! Damn it's funny! Go see it!! I'll likely go see it again with Dan. Really -- very good!!

After the film we headed back to Jo and Emanuel's for a nice salad and some great cheese followed by some Godiva vanilla ice cream with those caramel filled hearts! Yummmy!! (Do you notice the ongoing "yumminess" theme in my blog entries?)

It was after this tasty food that Emanuel decided to show me his thrift store finds from the weekend. A great haul -- a beautiful black tuxedo -- a perfectly mint black pinstriped Brooks Brother's suit -- and this jacket that I've named the Swell jacket. Man does he ever LOVE this jacket!!! Wow-wee! See the smile on his face? How could it not make you happy?

Dan comes back tomorrow! Yeah!!! Ohh - and it's birthday week! Yippee!


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