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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yes - although I haven't mentioned it much as of late - my needles have been click click clicking away. Exhibit left...Jaywalker - the left sock. I shape my socks to fit my wee little feet. :) I'm almost to the ankle on the right sock. :)
I'll work on it on the beach this weekend. :)

Last night Dan and I went for dinner to Franny's. Yum! If you're in Brooklyn, near 7th Avenue -- go check it out! I love their little quiet garden in the back! They have a very interesting wine list -- even wine's by the glass. We shared a wonderful squid salad and a provolone and roasted onion pizza -- they make such good food!!! They were just in the New York Magazine's Top 101 Cheap Eats for NYC! They were ranked as #4 in the 5 star section -- Congrats to Franny's!!!

Today my PR ladies stopped in for a review of the new line and brought these...YUM!!
They are from the Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery down on Rivington. Yum! The Red velvet ones were yummy...there was a bakers dozen...but I didn't get to camera fast enough!

It's going to be a long night here -- a new customer tomorrow -- could be a good one -- it'll be the first meeting of many!

Keep those fingers crossed!


Blogger Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Crossing fingers that everything may go well :)

3:17 PM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

the jaywalkers look fabulous! and so do the sweets ;)

10:29 PM


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